With its new design, our top seller, the JENSEN A540, shines amongst the small model series.

Completely modified, it is more versatile and user friendly. With this machine you can chip up to 190mm timber thanks to the strength and power of the JENSEN feed roller system. The key features are the wide hopper, huge flywheel, strong feed roller grip and big bearings. The model comes with an integral toolbox mounted in the service center for convenient tool storage.

If you work mainly on the highway the perfect solution is the A540 Turntable. This machine shares all features and qualities of the A540 but sits on a 270° turntable chassis. With the engine mounted to the side of the chipping chamber rather than the front to back making the machine ideal for city work. With the hopper at the rear of the machine in transport position, no adjustments need to be made if you don’t need to work from the side.

All panels and guards fold out simply and easily for routine maintenance and blade changes.